Autosera® S TG N

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Since the free glycerol from nontriglyceride sources can interfere the triglyceride values, The Laboratory Standarization Panel of The National Institutes of Health National Cholesterol Education Program has recommended development of analytical methods for triglyceride that correct the free glycerol.

Colorimetric Endpoint :

  • LPL-GK-GPO-POD Method
  • Endogenous Free Glycerol  Elimination Method
  • LPL Crosscontamination avoided by innovative technology
  • Ready to use liquid reagent
  • Linearity : up to 2700 mg/dl
  • Kit Stability : 12 months when stored at 2-10 oC

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R1: Enzyme Solution 4 x 85 ml 225796
R2: Enzyme Solution 4 x 85 ml 225802