BS-430 is a perfect solution for small to mid-workload laboratories which need a one-stop chemistry solution with high reliability and cost efficiency

Reliable with high accuracy and stability

  • AAA system, the test results are accurate and traceable
  • Enhanced grating optical system
  • Up to 2000 hours tungsten halogen lamp

Cost efficient through lower CPT

  • Low and economic reagent volume per test
  • Dry bath, no need regular maintenance
  • High working efficiency with very competitive price

Advanced software function, less manual intervention

  • Onboard auto-hemolysis for HbA1c test
  • Auto rerun, intelligent carryover management
  • Enzyme linearity extension, reduce false negative result and shorten TAT

Uniform reagent package

The reagent package is applicable to Mindray Chemistry Analyzers including BS-120, BS-200, BS-200E, BS-230, BS-240, BS-240Pro, BS- 360E and BS-430.

Good for Reagent management

  • Customer breakthrough – no need to introduce one more reagent system
  • Reagent forecast – same regent package with MR bench-top analyzers, lower forecast fluctuation
  • End-user preference – better reagent management, avoid reagent waste

Potential possibility for back-up analyzers

  • For end-user with BS 430, there’s possibility of adding bench-top analyzer as back-up.

HbA1c smart sampling

BS-430 chemistry analyzer utilizes HbA1c smart-sampling technology, which allows onboard automatic hemolysate preparation for whole blood samples, thus achieving shorter turnaround time (TAT) and eliminating any biohazardous risks or any errors by manual operation.

Advanced close system

Total solution for clinical chemistry

Dedicate to providing a total solution for clinical chemistry with traceability help laboratories achieve the ultimate accuracy of test results.

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