SAL 6000 Chemistry & Immunoassay Integrated System delivers fast throughput and seamless integration of CL-2000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System and BS-800 Modular System. In conjunction with the SPL 1000 Sample Processing line, this scalable platform not only provides optimized workflow, it also offers satisfactory operator experience.

Intelligent Modules Integration

CL-2000i Immunology Module
  • Up to 240T/H
  • 36 reagent onboard positions
  • Long walk-away time
  • Non-stop loading of reagents and consumables
  • 70 parameters available so far
BS-800 Chemistry Module
  • Photometric 800T/H for routine chemistry, up to 1,200 T/H with ISE
  • 120 reagent positions and 140 reagent positions by carousel
  • HbA1c onboard auto-hemolysis
  • Intelligent real-time monitoring system
  • Complete traceability detecting system
SPL 1000 Sample Processing System
Unique Design, Effective Distribution
  • Uniquely designed rack delivery mechanism with manipulator assembly
  • Random access and efficient sample racks distribution
  • Quick response for STAT, Auto-rerun and Reflex tests


Enhanced Optical System

  • Dual-lens and dual-diaphragm technology for chemistry systems
  • Optimized PMT technology for immunoassay system
  • Proven technology minimizes stray light
  • Dedicated design to ensure optical reading precision and stability

High Precision Aspiration

  • Precisely controlled syringe motors offer high precision aspiration
  • Liquid level detection, clot detection, bubble detection function
  • Intelligent vertical and horizontal collision protection
  • Automatic recovery from collision without machine stopping

Efficient Wash System

  • Interior & exterior probe wash with high pressure water
  • Programmable enhanced probe wash with detergent
  • Efficient cuvettes and mixers washing for chemistry module
  • Precision control on the tubing system for washing liquid

Chemistry and immunoassay Integration

Optimize your lab’s customized arrangement with better system automation and labor-management

Stable Temperature Control

  • Proven precisely controlled thermal engineering
  • Solid-direct heating technology for reaction cuvettes without any liquid
  • Stable temperature control for reagent cooling compartment

Stable Temperature Control

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive software navigation
  • Large command keys simplifies easy touch screen operation

Original Manufacturer for Reagents and Instrumentation

  • High precision hardware
  • Premium quality reagents
  • Complete traceability
  • Dedicated standardization & traceability laboratory

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