Powerful yet Effcient

Flexible Sample Management

  • Sample batch transfer
  • Continuous sample loading by racks
  • STAT Priority
  • Quick rerun

HbA1c Tests with Whole Blood

  • NGSP certified and IFCC traceable
  • Onboard hemolysis without sample preparation
  • No significant interference from Hb variants
  • Lower detection limit of Hb, less rerun rate

Integrated ISE Module

  • 1 blood tube for electrolytes and photometric chemistry tests
  • long-life of ISE electrodes
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Reliable Testing System

  • World-class and excellent sigma metric performance with original reagent
  • Intelligent abnormal reaction detection, alarming and auto-rerun to minimizes erroneous results

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Photometric 600T/H; up to 800T/H with ISE

Flexible Sample Management

Continuous Sample Loading

  • Sample continuous loading by racks
  • Up to 120 sample positions
  • Long walk-away time

Quick Start for Sample Rerun

  • Auto start for sample test
  • Automatic priority for STAT and rerun

STAT Priority

  • Dedicated STAT position, 1 minute aspiration
  • Quick report ISE+CO2 results in 7 minutes

Smart Dilution

  • Patented smart dilution function
  • Faster report

HbA1c Tests with Whole Blood

  • Onboard hemolysis with whole blood to improve working efficiency
  • No manual pretreatment to reduce biohazardous risks and human errors
  • 120 T/H for HbA1c test to shorten turn-around-time

Mindray HbA1c reagent with enzymatic method can specifically detect glycated N-terminal amino acids from the hemoglobin beta-chains, which can effectively avoid interference from Hb variants (HbS, HbC, HbE and HbD) and other Hb derivatives (labile HbA1c, carbamylated Hb, and acetylated Hb).

Mindray enzymatic HbA1c gives reliable and cost efficient result with the first measurement and reduce further confirmations.

Lower Hb Detection Limit for HbA1c Test

Evaluate the Hb concentration in the process of hemolysis and start sample increasement tests in advance for low Hb concentration samples. This function can lower the detection limit and expand linearity range Hb to reduce the rerun rate and reagent waste for anemia samples.

Integrated ISE Module

Built-in ISE Module
  • Report Na+, K+, CL-
  • 1 blood tube for electrolytes and photometric chemistry tests
Efficient and Easy operation
  • Up to 300 tests per hour
  • Up to 9 months of Na/K/Ref electrodes service time
  • Automatic calibration
  • Low consumption
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Reliable Testing System

High Level Sigma Metric Performance

  • Original reagents and validated application protocol lower the inaccuracy and imprecision which contributes to achieving world-class and excellent sigma metric performance.

  • Higher sigma level system can help laboratories offer high level of quality at reduced cost and enhance clinician confidence and satisfaction.

Intelligent Abnormal Reaction Detection

Powerful software with in-built algorithms that can monitor the reaction for abnormality, provide flags, and trigger auto-reruns to specimens with abnormal situations in test, such as substrate depletion, oxygen shortage, and hook effects, etc. This intelligent approach with detection, alarming and auto-rerun functions minimizes false results and the risk of a wrong diagnosis, and make reported test result accurate and reliable.

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