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    Glycation is the bonding of a sugar molecule, such as glucose, to a lipid or protein molecule, such as albumin. Thus, glycated albumin refers to albumin to which glucose has bonded.
    Albumin is present not only in blood, but also in major organs and body fluids. Albumin serves to maintain cell shape and plays an important function in the distribution of hormones, nutrients and some drugs in the body.
    Is Glycated Albumin the Same as Fructosamine?
    In a word, no.
    Fructosamine is a generic term referring to all glycated serum proteins, including glycated albumin, in blood serum. GA-L Reagent selectively measures glycated albumin.
    The fructosamine assay measures a total concentration of glycated serum proteins, which can fluctuate due to acute systemic illness or liver disease. However, glycated albumin assays, such as GA-L Reagent, measure the ratio of glycated albumin to total albumin, which minimizes interference due to the concentrations of glycated and non-glycated albumin.
    Glycated albumin is measured:
    ·       When early confirmation of therapeutic effects at the start and change of the treatment of diabetes mellitus is needed.
    ·         When strict blood glucose control is required.
    ·         When the change in blood glucose is large.
          Type 1 diabetes mellitus, treatment with insulin, and postprandial hyperglyecemia.
    ·         When the HbA1c value becomes incorrect.
    ¨       Anemic condition
    ¨       At treatment of anemia
    ¨       Abnormal hemoglobinemia
    ¨       Diabetic nephropathy (dialysis)
    GA-L Reagent
    ·         Enzymatic direct method.
    ·         Ready to use liquid reagent.
    ·         Linearity: 3.2 – 68.1%.
    ·         Kit Stability: 12 months when stored at 2-10 oC.
    GA R1
    2 x 40 ml
    GA R2
    2 x 10 ml
    ALB R1
    2 x 40 ml
    ALB R2
    2 x 20 ml
    GA-L Calibrator
    2 x 1 ml
    GA-L Control
    1 x 3 ml x 2 con.
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