Pureauto® S CRP Latex (SS Type)
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C-Reactive Protein is a useful parameter for inflamation in the body. Furthermore, a hs-CRP parameter is an advantage parameter for cardiovascular risk. This parameters can use for patients with a different cut off for CRP and hs-CRP.
Pureauto® S CRP Latex (SS Type):
  • Latex Immunoturbidimetric Assay
  • Ready to use liquid reagent
  • Measurement Range : 0.03 - 30 mg/dL
  • Kit Stability : 12 months when stored at 2-10 oC
R1: Buffer Solution4 x 50 ml307478
R2: Latex Reagent2 x 50 ml307485
SS-type CRP Calibrator5 x 20 ml307560
Liquicheck Immunology Control Lv 11 x 1 ml591593
Liquicheck Immunology Control Lv 31 x 1 ml591593


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